(Centre for Restoration of Ecosystem of Punjab & Educational Multimedia Research Centre Punjabi University Patiala in Collaboration with Punjab State Council for Science and Technology and Consulate General of Canada )


(1st -2nd June 2022)





10:00 AM

Introduction by Dr. Gautam Sood

Dr. Kiran (Stage Secretary)

10:10 AM

Dr. Himender Bharti about CRESP and its role

10:15 AM

Mr. Daljit Ami about EMRC and its role

10:25 AM

Prof Manish Kapoor about the details of the event

10:30 AM

Remarks by Dr. Kulbir Singh Bath, Joint Director, PSCST

11:10 AM

Dr Sunil Mehru, Additional Director (Software), CEC, New Delhi

11:15 AM

Remarks by Honourable Vice-Chancellor,

Prof. Arvind

11:20 AM

Vote of Thanks by Prof. Munruchi Kaur, Dean Life Sciences

11:25 AM


12 Noon

Expert Talk by Dr. Brij Mohan Bhardwaj (Environmentalist)

12:30 PM

Expert Talk by Dr. Balwinder Singh Lakhewali (Environmentalist)


2:00 PM

Inter-college Quiz competition/Screening of Wealth out of waste models

3:30 PM

Screening of videos/photographs under Threats faced by wetlands category

4:15 PM

Screening of entries under:

Big Tree Challenge

Sacred Grooves of Punjab category



10:00 AM

Expert Talk by Mr. Jatinder Mauhar (Filmmaker and Researcher) on ‘Changing flows of Sutlej’

11:00 AM

Screening of Movies on environment made by University Students/ Caption based photography competition/ Environment Related mobile app competition

12:15 PM

Inter-department Quiz competition/ Screening of movies by EMRC

1:15 PM

Announcement of results


College Level Competitions (Colleges with Eco-Clubs)

I. Wealth out of waste competition: Herein the students will be judged on the basis of model making from the non-biodegradable wastes like plastic, metals, tyres, etc. The concept of this competition is to make students aware about the importance of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle and how this practice can benefit our ecosystem. The colleges will send entries to Director CRESP on or before the stipulated date. The selected colleges will then be invited to showcase their models during World Environment Day celebrations and be judged by the experts. The winners will get a chance to participate in the event to be held at PSCST, Mohali.

II Big Tree Challenge: Under this activity, the students will be encouraged to hunt for biggest tree in their area, identify tree species (if possible), measure its circumference, take photograph of the tree with local community, record the GPS co-ordinates (latitude, longitude) and submit this data to the concerned person. The main objective of this competition is to make students aware about the role of trees in carbon sequestration, providing oxygen, stabilizing soil, and providing home to number of species. The colleges will send entries to Director CRESP on or before the stipulated date. The winners of this activity will be announced during World Environment Day celebrations.

III Short essay (Hindi/English/Punjabi) on traditional environment friendly practices: The students will write essay (500 words) on sustainable traditional practices followed by local communities that have stood the test of time, e.g., sustainable practices for food, clothing, housing, water etc. The colleges competing for this category will conduct on the spot essay competition in their respective colleges and will send the best essay as entry for inter-college competition.

IV Quiz Competition related to Environment: The colleges will organize quiz competition on environment related issues in their respective colleges and will send entries for inter-college competition to be held during World Environment Day celebrations.

V Threats faced by Wetlands: Under this category the students will identify wetlands in their area and will make a video or take photographs about the threats faced by wetlands such as overgrazing, dumping of garbage, building of dams or barrages, mining etc. and how these activities are impacting our environment. The students will submit their videos/photographs to the concerned teacher in their colleges, who will further screen and submit entries from their respective colleges to Director, CRESP. The entries received from different colleges will be judged by the expert committee of Educational Multi-media Research Centre (EMRC), Punjabi University Patiala. The selected colleges will then get the chance to present their work at PSCST, Mohali.

VI Sacred Grooves of Punjab: Under this category the students will identify sacred grooves of Punjab, click pictures and provide information regarding their current status and role in conservation. The sacred grooves are mini ecosystems that house several native plants and trees. These green pockets are considered sacred due to religious beliefs and are often associated as worship place of deities. The colleges should submit their entries to Director, CRESP on or before the stipulated date.

University Level Competitions

I Environment related Mobile App: Herein the students are expected to make a quiz based or question answer based mobile app related to environment which will teach students about environmental issues, threats, and challenges. The Mobile Applications will be judged by an expert committee. The selected mobile app’s will be sent to PSCST, Mohali for next level competition.

II Short movie making competition with EMRC, Punjabi University, Patiala: The EMRC, Punjabi University Patiala will call entries on short movies based on environmental issues from the university students. These entries will then be judged by a team of experts from EMRC. The selected movies will be screened to the audiences on 1st -2nd June, 2022 and will be send for next level competition to PSCST, Mohali.

III Caption based photography competition with catchy slogan related to environmental issues: Under this category the students will click photographs related the environmental issues thereby creating awareness about the threats and challenges faced by our ecosystems due to anthropogenic activities. The photograph should be explicit with a catchy slogan. The entries should be sent to Director, CRESP on or before the stipulated period. A team of experts from EMRC will screen these entries and the winners of this category will be announced during the valedictory function.

IV Quiz Competition: A quiz will be organised at university level on environment related issues during World Environment Day celebrations. The different departments will be invited to participate in this event. The list of winners will be sent to PSCSCT, Mohali for next level competition.

For clarifications (if not addressed in preceding text) dial 8591645454, 9356785454, 9417057589, 8591210810

All entries related to above mentioned competitions under respective categories should be sent to Dr. Himender Bharti, Director CRESP, ;